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Raw Feeding Guide

There are quite a few factors when it comes to raw dog food and a little knowledge on raw feeding goes a long way.

It's definitely a little more work compared to dry food but, believe us when we say you'll definitely be choosing the healthier and more rewarding pet feeding option.

For your doggo
  • Fresh and appetising dinners, they'll enjoy it more than dry bland kibble. Yuck!
  • Easy digestion - Less harsh compared to dry dog food or cooked meals
  • They eat real whole foods that has been fully matured with high nutritional content, not ingredients that have been, freeze-dried, dehydrated, cooked or processed. That robs it of all the nutritional goodness
  • They grow better and physically look healthier - Shinier coats, less itching & scratching, clean teeth and gums, fresh breath, easy passing of excrement, better appetites & higher energy levels
  • Happy dogs on the inside means happy dog on the outside!

For the Pet Parents
  • Transparent with it's ingredients, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives-free and a much healthier
  • You know the entire process of making raw food, its simple! Meat + veggies + bones & cartilage + mincer/grinder/chopper = Raw Meals.
  • Better control - You can be able to monitor, adjust and customise your dogs raw meals because it isn't mass produced like other dog food.
  • Less fussy eaters, what dog doesn't love mince meat?!
  • Enjoy a cleaner, healthier sounding, smelling and looking dog!

We won't preach to you too much about the nuts and bolts of raw dog food, if you're reading this, chances are you know a thing or two about raw feeding and thats more than enough.

We'll just cover some basic details so you can choose and feed your raw fed pup better


How much should I feed my dog?

How many grams you feed your dog daily will depend on a number of factors that are unique to each individual fur baby.

Some questions you should consider asking yourself when choosing the amount of raw food to give to your dog are as follows:

Your dog's weight

How much they weigh, if they need to shed a few kilos or gain some?

How old is your dog

Are they getting up there in dog years? Are they becoming fussy with their food, eating less or more.

Your dog's activity level

How active is your dog on a daily basis, how often do they go on walks? Is he/she very energetic or lazy.

The type of Breed

Various dogs breed may be prone to sensitive stomachs, having some knowledge of this may be beneficial when working out a daily feeding amount .

General body shape

How does your dog look, are rib bones visible? Are hip bones visible? Or not at all. This one is very important.

Fussy with food

Do you take note of any patterns or preferences in your dog's eating habits.

Special Dietary Needs

Has your vet advised you of any special dietary restrictions or meal portion control.




Raw Feeding Rundown

How to calculate daily feeding amounts?

Consider the following factors listed above when calculating daily feeding amounts. You can add or subtract a 20-50g depending on the specific outcome you'd like to achieve. 

For instance; to gain weight you can add 50g on to your calculated daily amount.

A simple rule of thumb to follow to get a good estimate is to simply add 125g of raw food for every 5kgs of your pet's body weight.

For example: A 20kg dog would need 500grams daily. We have a calculator on every product page under the "Details" tab for a more accurate amount.


For the puppy parents

For first-time puppy parents that are looking to start or transition their puppies into raw feeding.

Please click on the link below to download our puppy brochure for information on:

  • Our meals
  • Our process
  • Raw Feeding for puppies
  • When to Transition
  • Choosing Adult Meals
  • Recommendations on size options for the best value.

Click to download Puppy Brochure


So much information, we know... Good thing we've done all the hard work for you!


We make it super easy for you!

We offer a custom daily feeding plan, formulated to cater for dogs of all sizes, breeds and special diets.

All you have to do is shop for a meal you think your dog would love, subscribe to a weekly plan and receive your meals fuss free. 

We hide nothing from you. What you see is what you get.

You can contact us about any questions or concerns about your dog's allergies, health issues, stomach sensitivity or if you just want to know about the specifics of how we make our raw meals.

We want to ensure our whole process is transparent and easy for you to follow along with and understand... after all you are trusting us with feeding your precious fur baby and we take that task very seriously.

Fresh & Balanced Meals

Complete Meals that follow AAFCO & BARF Standard Ratios.

Flexible Subscriptions

No lock-in Weekly, 2 week, 3 week or Monthly plans.

Fresh Not Frozen

Freshly Minced & Packed for Chilled Home Deliveries.

Customer Satisfaction

Guaranteed Satisfaction from Happy Raw-fed Pets.