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Puppy Feeding & Transition

We can help with a feeding guide for your pup

From a young puppy up to 10 months old

Puppies have are naturally active, they require a raw feeding blend that is nutritionally balanced, high in energy and essential fats for growth.

We recommend our Growing Puppy Beef Blend - A delicious, fatty grass-fed beef blend specifically formulated for puppies of all ages and sizes.

It is balanced using natural, whole raw ingredients like:

  • Minced edible chicken carcass rich in calcium that promotes healthy bone growth & teeth development.
  • Beef liver & kidneys a good source of thiamine (vitamin B1) to help digest carbohydrates & promote brain function.
  • Lamb brains - an excellent source of omega 3s An assortment of delicious fruit & whole veg like pumpkin - Great for digestion & healthy stools.
We can also add extras like coconut oil, sesame seeds & turmeric or linseed powder.
Obviously puppies grow fairly quickly within the first 10 months as their bodyweight changes, so does the required daily feeding amount.


Transitioning to other raw blends after 10 months

When transitioning out of the Growing Puppy Beef Blend to other "Adult" raw blends.. slow and steady is the key.

Remember every puppy is different in terms of preference, eating habits, tolerances to certain meats or ingredients so starting off with smaller amounts of different blends is the best way to go.

Luckily enough, we do have a raw box made especially for fussy dogs or in your case - for pet parents to test out every raw blend in our range to see what their pet likes.

You can find our Variety Blends Box in our raw box range. It has 7 pre-packed daily meals with the following sizes: 430g, 575g, 715g, 860g & 1kg.

The Variety Blend Box contains 2 x Premium Beef Blend, 2 x Supreme Chicken Blend, 1 x Growing Puppy Beef Blend, 1 x Wild Roo Blend & 1 x Wild Venison Blend. You should be able to quickly identify any favourites your pup has.

Adult raw blends to feed

Great! Your pup is past 10 months old and is now ready to try the many raw blends we offer.

There's so many to choose from! Observe his or her feeding likes/dislikes and tolerances to choose a meal for transitioning:

Single Protein Meals

    For poultry lovers - We have Chicken, Duck and soon to include Turkey.

    For red meat lovers - We have Beef, Lamb and soon to include Goat.

    For wild game lovers - We have Kangaroo, Venison and soon to include Rabbit.

    Multi-Protein Meals

      For meat & fish lovers - We have Beef & Sardines, Lamb & Sardines and Venison & Sardines. Soon to add more combinations.

      All adult raw blends are BARF balanced.


      Other Diet Options

      What is Prey Model Raw?

      A more ancient, natural carnivore diet

      Pets that are not fond of veggies or fruits in their diets can still get all the nutritional benefits of a well balanced raw diet from an all meat, bone and organ meal - yes its perfectly normal & natural for dogs to live off a pure meat diet.

      Our PMR range consists of 80% muscle meat, 10% minced edible bone & 10% secreting organs.

      We currently have the following options:

      • Beef Basic Blend.
      • Chicken Basic Blend.
      • Kangaroo¬†Basic Blend.


      Complete Chopped Blends

      Chunky single protein meals:

      For pets that enjoy a bit of chewing, we have bite sized meat chucks that are chopped from whole pieces and mixed with minced raw ingredients.

      Our chopped blend range consists of 75% chopped muscle meat, 10% minced bone, 10% secreting organs & 5% fruit & veg.

      We currently have the following options: Grass-fed Chopped Steak Blend. Wild Chopped Roo Blend.

      We Recommend

      The Monthly Bulk Box

      Complete pre-packed meals for a whole month - A more efficient, time saving & economical option would be to subscribe to a monthly bulk box.

      Each 15kg & 20kg box comes with 28 daily meals to last 4 weeks.

      For pet parents to bulk freeze and feed for a whole month.


      This puppy feeding guide serves as a step by step process into feeding, transitioning to adult meals and ultimately the most efficient, time and money saving option for raw feeding. 

      Please click on the link below to download our puppy brochure for information on:

      • Our meals
      • Our process
      • Raw Feeding for puppies
      • When to Transition
      • Choosing Adult Meals
      • Recommendations on size options for the best value.

      Click to download Puppy Brochure

      If you still require any assistance or have any questions please contact us.

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